Killet Software Ing.-GbR - short: KilletSoft - is a software company, which was established in the year 1991. The society is divided into the ranges "Geodetic Standard Software", "Development Tools for Geoinformatics" and "International Geodata". The focal trades of the companies supplied by KilletSoft are consulting engineers, GIS developers, Internet marketing, public utilities, logistics, telecommunications, security and public services.
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KilletSoft's Spatial Software supports new Reference System GDA2020 of Australia
The coordinate reference system MGA2020 / GDA2020 for the Australian continent,
valid since the beginning of the year, now can be used in KilletSoft's Coordinate
Transformation Program TRANSDATpro and in the Geodetic Development Kit GeoDLL

February 6, 2018
Dipl.-Ing. Fred Killet - Killet Software Ing.-GbR - Escheln 28a - 47906 Kempen, Germany
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Logo The tectonic plates of the earth change their locations to each other in different directions and at different speeds. The Australian plate moves with a relative high speed of about seven centimeters per year in northeastern direction in relation to the earth fixed ITRS which is used for GPS reception. It follows that a point measured by GPS one year later has a coordinate that has been shifted seven centimeters.
Continental Drift Australia Since the implementation of the previous Australian datum, the "Geocentric Datum of Australia 1994" (GDA94), the Australian plate has moved about 1.6 meters northeast. The coordinates defined in the GDA94 no longer match the current measurements of the global satellite navigation system GPS. Differences of this magnitude are, for example, for navigation of self driving vehicles, for automated mining and precision agriculture and for cadastral surveys no longer acceptable. To address the problem, Australia has implemented a new datum known as the "Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020" (GDA2020).
The change to GDA2020 will affect all organizations in Australia that are using spatial information including transport, agriculture, construction, mining, environmental protection, utilities management, insurance, banking, emergency services, telecommunications and scientific research.
GDA2020 logo Following the publication and approval of the new coordinate reference system by the Australian authorities, KilletSoft has integrated the GDA2020 / MGA2020 into its TRANSDATpro and GeoDLL software. This software also supports the two variants of the new high-precision NTv2 grids GDA94_GDA2020_C and GDA94_GDA2020_CD, which have just been released for the continent-wide conversion between GDA94 and GDA2020. Both grid files and a detailed explanation can be downloaded directly from the KilletSoft website by clicking on the entries TRANSDATpro or GeoDLL in the navigation bar and then using the link to the NTv2 page. There you will also find a compilation of the worldwide free available NTv2 files.

KilletSoft News In order that you are always well informed about our company, we write actual news, current information and special offers here into this column.
KilletSoft Logo BY-KanU
Following Baden-Wuerttemberg with its close-meshed NTv2 grid file BWTA2017, the federal state of Bavaria as well has completed extra high-resolution NTv2 files for the transformation of spatial data in real estate cadastres to UTM/ETRS89.
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KilletSoft Logo EU Business Award 2018
Award 2018 The EU Business News Magazine from Great Britain has given the "EU Business Award 2018" to KilletSoft. link_pdf Read the Award...
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KilletSoft Logo NTv2 files
Geosoftware for inserting area boundaries as Polygonal Validity Scopes in NTv2 files.
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KilletSoft Logo Geodata International
A new release ot "Geodata International" is available. The database contains 282 contry files with Towns and Municipalities, Town Districts, Coordinates, Postal Codes etc.
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KilletSoft Logo NTv2 Toolbox
The new program NTv2Tools provides tools for analyzing and processing of NTv2 files. link_in Read the Description...
KilletSoft Logo NTv2 files
Geosoftware with Tools for analyzing and processing of NTv2 files.
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KilletSoft Logo PolyGonal Validity Scopes
The new program NTv2Poly complements NTv2 files with Polygonal Validity Scopes that are taken from an outline shapefile. link_in Read the Description...
KilletSoft Logo Very big NTv2 files
Solutions for problems with large NTv2 files in GIS and Geosoftware link_in Read the Press Release...
KilletSoft Logo GDA2020
The new geodetic Reference System GDA2020 of Australia is supported by TRANSDAT and GeoDLL now. link_in Read the Press Release...
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KilletSoft Logo GoogleMaps / OpenStreetMap
KilletSoft converts Geodata for Navigation in free Map Services.
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KilletSoft Logo Quality Analysis
Practice oriented Accuracy Verification of the Software TRANSDAT and GeoDLL with an extremely structured NTv2 grid file.
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KilletSoft Logo Innovation Award 2016
Award 2016 KilletSoft's geodetic software has won for the second year in succession the Innovation Award from the Initiative Small and Medium Enterprises.
link_pdf Certificate TRANSDAT...
link_pdf Certificate ORTWIN...
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KilletSoft Logo GeoDLL / TRANSDAT
Proposal for using Polygonal Validity Scopes in NTv2 grid files.
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KilletSoft Logo Translators wanted!
The programs TRANSDAT, SEVENPAR, NTv2Poly and NTv2Tools support language files for the programs interface. Since the language dependent texts are managed in external files, link_in new languages can be added at any time by creating new language files. Everybody who is interested can translate a new language file into his native language for himself and all users.
Author: Dipl.-Ing. Fred Killet
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