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TOPOWIN - Topographic and Cartographic Register
German Topographic Map Series and corner coordinates

Map Overview

TOPOWIN is a topographic information system and country-wide register of the German Topographic Cartographies, the German Basic Cartography and of localities with georeferences in different Coordinate Systems.

TOPOWIN - Version 19.01 - Last update on 23 January 2020
The latest important changes link_pdf History of Changes and Supplements

  1. All databases actualized on 1st. January 2020.
  2. Territorial Reform in Thuringia of the year 2019 implemented.
  3. View of maps in OpenTopoMap, Google Maps, Google Earth.
  4. All map views supplemented with UTM edge coordinates.
  5. Digital signature for secure installation of the program.
  6. Output of window contents in GIF and BMP files.

Register of the German Topographic Cartographies

Determining Topographical Maps
Determining Topographical Maps by different criteria

Determining Topographical Maps
TK25 with localities
Topographic Map 1:25000 with places and quarters

TK25 with localities
TK25 with Corner Coordinates
Topographical Map 1:25000 with Corner Coordinates

TK25 with Corner Coordinates

In the context of the planning and execution of economic and scientific projects, topographical documents are often used. The program TOPOWIN provides information of the Official Topographic Map series and the German Basic Map series from the entire national territory in suitable graphic views. It performs various coordinate transformations and researches. The program has been developed with the participation of many Federal State surveying authorities. For the first time in the previous version TOPO (for DOS) and later in TOPOWIN nationwide topographic information has been compiled for data technical evaluation. The program is a useful and versatile tool for engineering offices, planning offices and users of topographic maps.

TOPOWIN - Detailed Program Description
Topographic Information System and Cartographic Register

The topographical maps of different standards, required for a project, can be determined by the complaint of known parameters or by the direct selection from overview graphics and from sorted lists. By the investigation of topographical records on the basis of known places, a data base with more then 125.000 localities and residential districts is available.

The program TOPOWIN calculates with Gauss Krueger coordinates and Geographic Coordinates referring to the Potsdam Datum (Bessel ellipsoid with central point Rauenberg). It also works with UTM coordinates and UTMRef coordinates in the NATO standard, which refer to the datum ETRS89 (GRS80 / WGS84, geocentric). A special feature of the program is the determination of the map sheet corners in UTM / ETRS89 coordinates.

To search for maps and to calculate map parameters, the parameters listed here can be entered directly in the input fields of the program:

  1. Gauss-Kruger coordinates (also from the "wrong" meridian strip)
  2. Geographical coordinates in gradual notation
  3. Geographical coordinates in decimal notation
  4. UTM coordinates
  5. Place names or quater names
  6. Community ID (8-digit municipality key)
  7. Map number of a Ordinance Survey Map TK25
  8. Map name of a Ordinance Survey Map TK25

For selection from separate windows are available:

  1. Nationwide graphical overview map to select a TK25
  2. List with numbers and names of the TK25 sorted by Federal States
  3. List with numbers and names of the TK25 sorted by Administrative Regions
  4. List with numbers and names of the TK25 sorted by Rural Districts
  5. List of place names and quarter names sorted by Federal States
  6. LList of place names and quarter names sorted by Administrative Regions
  7. List of place names and quarter names sorted by Rural Districts

After entering a value or the selection from the overview or a list, the program calculates the values listed here and carries out corresponding coordinate transformations:

  1. Gauss Kruger coordinates
  2. Gauss Kruger coordinates, based on the western neighbor meridian strip
  3. Gauss Kruger coordinates, based on the eastern neighbor meridian strip
  4. Geographical coordinates in gradual notation
  5. Geographical coordinates in decimal notation
  6. UTM coordinates
  7. UTMREF Military Grid Reference System (NATO notation)
  8. Map number of the matching TK25
  9. Map name of the matching TK25
  10. Corner coordinates of up to four matching TK25
  11. Map number of the matching TK50, TK100 and TKü200
  12. Reference address of the competent Land Survey Office
  13. Main town on the map
  14. Place center coordinates
  15. Community ID (8-digit municipality key)
  16. Rural districts of the place
  17. Administrative region of the place
  18. Federal State of the map and the place

After entering the following information are available graphically prepared on separate windows. In all views, the current location is entered.

  1. Data window with map information and converted coordinates
  2. Data window with the data of up to four maps matching the coordinates
  3. Ordinance Survey Map TK25 with map name, map number and corner coordinates
  4. Overview of up to four possible Ordinance Survey Maps
  5. Current Ordinance Survey Map with the eight adjacent Ordinance Survey Maps
  6. Location of the Ordinance Survey Map in the national overview
  7. Location and name of the places on the Ordinance Survey Map
  8. Location and designation of the German Base Maps on the Ordinance Survey Map
  9. Location and designation of the TK50, TK100 and TKü200 and the Ordinance Survey Map
  10. Corner coordinates of the TK50, TK100 and TKü200 and the Ordinance Survey Map
  11. Reference addresses of the competent Land Survey Offices

Other possibilities offered by the program:

  1. Printing of the current map parameters and sources of supply
  2. Printing an order list
  3. Printing the graphic representations
  4. High precision coordinate transformations
  5. Determining the center coordinates of localities (georeferencing)
  6. Assignment of maps to the political units Federal State, Administrative Region and Rural District
  7. Assignment of places and quaters to the political units Federal State, Administrative Region and Rural District
  8. Determination of the most important location on the map
  9. Determination of the 8-digit municipality key of localities
  10. Edit control files in ASCII format for coordinate transformation and map parameter determination
  11. Generating lists with the corner coordinates of the TK25, TK50, TK100 and TKÜ200 in different coordinate systems
  12. At any time case-related help from an electronic manual
  13. etc.

Working with control files

TOPOWIN is suitable for editing ASCII control files that contain known search criteria (various coordinates, map names or numbers of the TK25, TK50, TK100 or TKÜ200, locations, community keys, object descriptions). After selecting the parameters or corner coordinates to be calculated (see list above), these are determined and written to an ASCII output file. This program function is well suited for extensive coordinate transformations and for the determination of map characteristics and corner coordinates. To create the control files and to display the output files, TOPOWIN contains appropriate editors. The input and output files can be created or edited with all text editors and with almost all word processing programs.

Network ability

TOPOWIN can be run on most common networks. The client installations works automatically. It is possible to use Terminal Services on WINDOWS Servers like e.g. "Citrix Terminal Server".

Hardware and operating system requirements

Because the program TOPOWIN is a quite complex database application, some requirements to the hardware are to be fulfilled for its perfect working. To ensure stable performance it should be installed on a personal computer with the processor class Pentium or higher and at least 32 MB RAM available. The program will run under Microsoft WINDOWS 2000 / XP / NT / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 and compatible operating systems.

Pricing, ordering and licensing

Pricing and ordering information can be found in the link_in Price list. For available licensing options have a look to the link_in License page. Order the program with the electronic link_in Order Form.

Download of the test version

The free test version of the program with a detailed user manual can be link_in downloaded as ZIP packed file by the Internet.

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