Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR - short: KilletSoft - is a software company, which was established in the year 1991. The society is divided into the ranges "Geodetic Standard Software", "Development Tools for Geoinformatics" and "German Geodata". The focal trades of the companies supplied by KilletSoft are consulting engineers, GIS developers, Internet marketing, public utilities, logistics, telecommunications, security and public services.
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NTv2 transformations from BetaDLL has been adopted in Geodetic Development Kit GeoDLL
Kempen, January 01, 2015
Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR
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Logo Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR (KilletSoft) offers the Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL for embedding professional coordinate transformations and solving geodetic tasks in own Windows programs. In a further dynamic link library called BetaDLL we specifically address conversions between the reference system DHDN and ETRS89 according to the INSPIRE Directive in the light of the NTv2 standards BeTA2007. The complete function scope of BetaDLL has been included in the new version GeoDLL 15.00 since the year change.
In addition, GeoDLL supports the even more precise NTv2 solutions of the German federal states Bavaria, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. On the site https://www.killetsoft.de/p_gdln_e.htm NTv2 grid files of some federal states can be downloaded directly. Those NTv2 files have been licensed by their publishers exclusively for use with KilletSoft products. Because the grid files are encrypted, they only can be used by the function library GeoDLL and the program TRANSDATpro for highly accurate coordinate transformations. For others, sometimes chargeable NTv2 grid files, links to the distributors from the respective federal states are provided on the above page. Furthermore, almost all by the European and overseas countries available NTv2 files are ready for download on that side.
BetaDLL in future is no longer supported and no longer distributed by KilletSoft. Thus, user of BetaDLL has no disadvantage, they get permission to acquire particularly favorable updates and upgrades of the GeoDLL function groups "Coordinate Transformations" and "NTv2 Transformations". Quasi as a bonus, beside the previously in BetaDLL contained INSPIRE transformations with the BeTA2007 grid file, also the high-precision NTv2 transformations of the German federal states and other countries and worldwide thousands of conventional coordinate transformations can be performed. Also the direct use of EPSG codes is possible with GeoDLL functions.
GeoDLL, which runs on all modern WINDOWS operating systems, can be included into programs written, for example, in C, C#, C++, Delphi, MS-Access and Excel, Visual-Basic, Visual Objects, Vulcan and other programming languages. For use on other platforms, such as UNIX or LINUX, the C++ source code of GeoDLL is available. In order to support your developments, examples and interfaces with source code of many commonly used programming languages and a Visual Studio C++ project are included. More information and a free, in own applications linkable trial version of the Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL, you can find on the internet site https://www.killetsoft.de/p_gdla_e.htm.

BeTA2007 File with grid data for exact transformations between ETRS89 and DHDN in Germany.
DHDN Deutsches Haupt-Dreiecksnetz
Reference system formerly used in Germany.
DLL Dynamic Link Library
Datei mit unter WINDOWS® lauffähigem Programmcode.
EPSG / IOGP Formerly: European Petroleum Survey Group Geodesy
Today: International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)
Worldwide unique code numbers for coordinate reference systems (EPSG codes).
ETRS89 European Terrestrial Reference System 1989
Across Europe used geodetic reference system.
INSPIRE Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community
European Commission with the aim to create a uniform spatial data base for Europe.
NTv2 National Transformation Version 2
In Canada developed standard for grid-based reference system transitions.
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KilletSoft Logo Geodata Germany
All databases has been updated to the data conditions of January 1st, 2024. The georeferenced databases contain all German towns, municipalities and urban districts, coordinates, postal codes, dialling codes, administrative units, nature areas, landscapes, travel areas, wind and snow loads, solar irradiation, cartographies info etc.
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Modeling an NTv2 file under the aspect of economic efficiency.
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Display Formats of UTM Coordinates.
Display formats, calculation methods and the historical background of the UTM coordinate system.
Third revised edition of the popular technical article.
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KilletSoft Logo New work sheet
What actually is a Coordinate Reference System?
Explanation of the Coordinate Reference System with the components Coordinate System, Reference System, Reference Definition and Reference Frame.
Second revised edition.
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The illegal use of our software got out of control!
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KilletSoft Logo NTv2 collection
KilletSoft has brought together NTv2 files as a worldwide collection on a central website and linked for the direct download.
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The programs TRANSDAT, SEVENPAR, NTv2Creator, NTv2Poly and NTv2Tools support language files for the programs interface. Since the language dependent texts are managed in external files, link_in new languages can be added at any time by creating new language files. Everybody who is interested can translate a new language file into his native language for himself and all users.
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