Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR - short: KilletSoft - is a software company, which was established in the year 1991. The society is divided into the ranges "Geodetic Standard Software", "Development Tools for Geoinformatics" and "German Geodata". The focal trades of the companies supplied by KilletSoft are consulting engineers, GIS developers, Internet marketing, public utilities, logistics, telecommunications, security and public services.
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Welcome to the homepage of KilletSoft!
We provide geosoftware, geodata and geodetic development tools for geographers and GIS experts for high-precision coordinate transformations and geodetic tasks

Gerardus Mercator
Gerardus Mercator
"Gradus latitudinum versus utrumque polum paulatim auximus pro incremento parallelorum supra rationem quam habent ad aequinoctialem."
"We have gradually increased the projection of the latitudes toward both poles in proportion to the increment of the latitudinal parallels in their relation to the equator."
Mercator World Map of 1569
Mercator World Map of 1569
Proudly Gheert de Cremer alias Gerardus Mercator wrote the above sentence to the legend of his famous world map of 1569. Subsequently this great scientist solved the largest cartographic problem of his time. He had succeeded to map the globe with preserved angles on a flat sheet of paper with all what was known about the countries and the waters at that time. Thus he laid the cornerstone for the modern geodesy and cartography.
In the context of the globalization, commerce, industries and service providers are increasingly discovering the benefits and potential of using geospatial information and the use of geospatial data in their business operations. Henceforth our software is suitable for processing information enriched with geodata.
Therefore KilletSoft provides geodetic basics with spatial references as geodata. For instant, nowadays perimeter searches as well as branch searches can be obtained via online platforms. In addition to this, sales data can be compiled, customer data with spatial references enhanced while both snow and wind loads can be calculated.
Modern World View
Modern World View
The spatial references stored in many databases are often in the form of non-uniform coordinates of the many historical coordinate reference systems. To standardize the spatial references, KilletSoft provides suitable GeoPrograms and GeoTools for high-precise coordinate transformations. As an example data that was originally equipped with outdated national coordinates can be updated with modern coordinate reference systems not only for each continent but also on a global level.
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Geodetic Programs / Geosoftware

GeoPrograms KilletSoft provides geodetic software for high-precise coordinate transformations and for the processing of spatial referred information.
With our software you can transform coordinates of different Coordinate Systems and Reference Systems for all countries in the world. Coordinate files with different formats can be transferred with precision and high speed into other systems. You can receive GPS coordinates with our software on your notebook and convert them simultaneously into any other Coordinate System. Other software is suitable for producing own Reference Systems with seven transformation parameters of the Spatial Helmert Transformation. Therefore a few identical points in different systems are sufficient. Further programs are suitable for the search of local structured data and for the analysis, visualization and manipulation of NTv2 files.

Geodetic Spatial Data / Geodata

GeoData KilletSoft is a competent company for digital geodata as well as being an advisory partner for the integration and use of spatial referred information.
Our variety of geospatial data covers a broad spectrum of spatial applications, is constantly actualized, can be present in many data format and is immediately available. We offer georeferenced localities, local parts, postal zip codes, telephone dialling codes as well as nature areas, landscapes, climatic data and snow and wind load zones of the Federal Republic of Germany. The databases can be delivered with hierarchical administrative units, different types of coordinates and a lot of additional information. Our databases of georeferenced objects are provided with geographic coordinates (WGS84), UTM and Gauss-Krueger coordinates and Plus Codes of high accuracy as well with precise ground elevations. The data we provide can be implemented into your own applications for acceptable prices.

Geodetic Development Tools and Kits

Geodetic Development Tools KilletSoft provides development components for the implementation of geodetic tasks and geospatial related information into own geodetic programs, applications and GIS software.
The Geodetic Development Kit GeoDLL allows precise 2D and 3D Coordinate Transformations and Geodetic Datum Shifts resp. Reference System Transitions with predefined Helmert parameters, NTv2 files and with EPSG codes. The current and historical Coordinate and Reference Systems of all countries of the European Union, the states of North America, Canada and Australia and most of the other countries are supported worldwide.
GeoDLL also includes easy-to-use functions on many topics such as Meridian Strip Changes, User-defined Coordinate Reference Systems, Distance Calculations, Digital Elevation Models, Geodetic Direct / Inverse Solutions, Time Zones, Geodetic Converting and more. In addition, GeoDLL provides powerful functions for generating, analyzing, visualizing and manipulating NTv2 files and Helmert Seven Parameter Sets.

KilletSoft News In order that you are always well informed about our company, we write actual news, current information and special offers here into this column.
KilletSoft Logo Geodata Germany
All database tables has been updated on the data conditions of January 1st, 2024. The database tables of "GeoData Germany" contain all German towns, municipalities and urban districts, coordinates, postal codes, dialling codes, administrative units, nature areas, landscapes, travel areas, wind and snow loads, solar irradiation, cartographies info etc.
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KilletSoft Logo New work sheet
Modeling an NTv2 file under the aspect of economic efficiency.
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KilletSoft Logo New work sheet
Display Formats of UTM Coordinates.
Display formats, calculation methods and the historical background of the UTM coordinate system.
Third revised edition of the popular technical article.
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KilletSoft Logo New work sheet
What actually is a Coordinate Reference System?
Explanation of the Coordinate Reference System with the components Coordinate System, Reference System, Reference Definition and Reference Frame.
Second revised edition.
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KilletSoft Logo Illegal software versions
The illegal use of our software got out of control!
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KilletSoft Logo NTv2 collection
KilletSoft has brought together NTv2 files as a worldwide collection on a central website and linked for the direct download.
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The programs TRANSDAT, SEVENPAR, NTv2Creator, NTv2Poly and NTv2Tools support language files for the programs interface. Since the language dependent texts are managed in external files, link_in new languages can be added at any time by creating new language files. Everybody who is interested can translate a new language file into his native language for himself and all users.
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