Miscellaneous functions



GeoDLL supports the development of geodetic software by providing geodetic functions, which are put together into function groups for specific tasks. In addition, there are more functions without any group assignment available that can be used with all functional groups.


Characteristics of the miscellaneous functions

Input of the unlock parameter
Setting of a working directory
Information about GeoDLL, provider, author and licensee
Latest error code and error description
Language selection (English, German) for all text returns
Switch for use or non-use
oof internal error handling
oof multithreading environment
oof the output of messages to the EventLog
oof fast Static Variables
oof the automatic memory management
oof the event handling in time-intensive functions


Miscellaneous functions

Function getauthor() - Copyright and program author’s address

Function getdisclaimer()) - Disclaimer reference for GeoDLL

Function getdllversion() - GeoDLL version number

Function geterrorcode() - Latest error description

Function getlicensee() - Licensee identification

Function setdllinit() - Initializing and functional readiness test of the GeoDLL

Function setdllworkdir() - Directory for geodllbn.bin and other files

Function seteventloop() - Event-handling in time-intensive functions on / off

Function setinternerrsys() - Internal error handler on / off

Function setlanguage() - Language selection for all text returns

Function setmultithreading() - Usage in a multithreading environment on / off

Function setsilence() - Output of messages to the EventLog on / off

Function setstaticuse() - Usage of fast Static Variables on / off

Function setstringallocate() - Automatic memory management on / off

Function setunlockcode() - Input of the unlock parameter