Prototype and description of the function setdllinit()

(This function needs no unlocking)


Initialization and check of the operational readiness of GeoDLL.

Prototype of the DLL function in C++ syntax (attend lower case!):
extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) unsigned long __stdcall setdllinit();

Prototype of the DLL function in Visual Objects syntax:
_DLL function setdllinit();
as logic pascal:geodll32.setdllinit         // 4 Byte

The function initializes the GeoDLL and checks the operating readiness. Among
other things, it tests whether the version numbers in the GeoDLL and in the
constant file geodllbn.bin are identical, whether the values can be read from
the constant file and whether there is enough space available.

If no error occurs, the constants from the geodllbn.bin binary file are made
available for the following function calls.

If the check fails, the function returns FALSE and an error message can be
read by the function grorrorcode(). This gives the calling program the
opportunity to terminate with its own specifications when an error occurs. In
this case, make sure that no further function calls are made to GeoDLL.

It is not necessary to use the setdllinit() function. If it is not called,
the operational readiness check only takes place the first time a function is
called that requires constants from the constant file geodllbn.bin. If an
error occurs, GeoDLL terminates the underlying program and itself and issues
an error message. Since the underlying program can no react at that time, an
uncontrollable state can occur. Therefore, the setdllinit() function should
be called immediately after the start of the underlying program.

If a specific working directory is required for the constant file
geodllbn.bin, call the function setdllworkdir() before calling the function

The parameters are passed and/or returned as follows:
returnVal   In case of success the function returns TRUE, else FALSE.

This function needs no unlocking.