Prototype and description of the function getauthor()

(This function needs no unlocking)


Determination of the copyright reference with the address of the author.

Prototype of the DLL function in C++ syntax (attend lower case!):
extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) unsigned long __stdcall getauthor(
     char **pszAuthor);

Prototype of the DLL function in Visual Objects syntax:
_DLL function getauthor(;
     pszAuthor ref psz);                   // 4 Byte, char**, 200 alloc.
as logic pascal:geodll32.getauthor         // 4 Byte

The allocation of memory for "ref psz" / "char**" is necessary only if
setstringallocate(FALSE) is called before.

The function returns the GeoDLLs authors copyright and the authors address
as a psz to the calling program. The lines of the text are separated by
"return and line feed".

The parameters are passed and/or returned as follows:
pszAuthor   Authors copyright and authors address.
(ref)       Note: "ref pszAuthor" corresponds to "char**" in C. 200 bytes of
            memory for the zero terminated string must be allocated with
            dependence to the call of the function setstringallocate().
            Please consider the notes in the description of the function

returnVal   In case of an error the function returns FALSE, otherwise TRUE.

The authors copyright reference looks like this:
   GeoDLL xx.xx
   Copyright since 1996:
   Killet Software Ing.-GbR
   Escheln 28a
   47906 Kempen (Germany)

This function needs no unlocking.