Killet Software Ing.-GbR - short: KilletSoft - is a software company, which was established in the year 1991. The society is divided into the ranges "Geodetic Standard Software", "Development Tools for Geoinformatics" and "International Geodata". The industrial sectors of emphasis of the companies supplied by KilletSoft are consulting engineers, GIS developers, Internet marketing, public utilities, logistics, telecommunications, security and public services.
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Geodata International - A database of world-wide most countries with towns, municipalities, town quarters, postal codes, administrative units and more with WGS84 and UTM coordinates and elevations for geocoding, data processing, proximity search, navigation, distance calculation as Text, CSV, SDF, dBase or SQL files with ANSI, UTF8 or Unicode character set.

Geodata International - Version 8.10 - Latest update on 12 July 2016
The latest important changes

  1. Country databases always will be actualised when ordered.
  2. Germany database updated to release January 2016.
  3. 249 country databases total.
  4. New country group "Middle East".

Brief description

Geodata International is a world-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities, postal codes and administrative units with WGS84 and UTM coordinates and ground level elevations for geocoding, proximity search, navigation and distance calculation.

You can connect your own company data with the "Geodata International". This is useful if your company data need to be enriched with georeferences, local or postal features. Thus, for example, addresses can be completed or adjusted even during data collection. Or you want to establish a location relationship for an address characteristic - still a georeference. The georeference can be used e.g. to show a customer the nearest chain store by doing a proximity search. On the basis of the georeferences business zones, statistics or general maps can be made. Towns, municipalities and postal codes can be assigned to the superordinated administrative units.

Distances between places or postal areas can be determined with the coordinates contained in the database tables. For that the georeferences are available in all country database tables as UTM coordinates on the natural and an uniformly meridian strip and as geographical coordinates in degree and deg/min/sec notation. With the elevation data from a Digital Elevation Model the ground level height of each place can be determined.

The solution for this and other tasks are these database tables of all European and most overseas contries. Here are some examples:

Afghanistan (en)    East Timor (en)     Kyrgyzstan (en)     Qatar (ar)
Aland (Finl.) (sv)  Ecuador (es)        Laos (en)           Qatar (en)
Aland (Finl.) (fi)  Egypt (ar)          Latvia (lv)         Reunion (fr)
Albania (sq)        Egypt (en)          Lebanon (en)        Romania (ro)
Algeria (fr)        El Salvador (es)    Lebanon (ar)        Russia (ru)
Am. Samoa (en)      Eritrea (en)        Liberia (en)        Russia (en)
Andorra (ca)        Estonia (et)        Libya (en)          Rwanda (en)
Angola (pt)         Ethiopia (en)       Liechtenstein (de)  Saint Pierre (fr)
Anguilla (en)       Ex-Yugoslav. (en)   Lithuania (lt)      San Marino (it)
Antigua (en)        Falkland-Isl. (en)  Luxembourg (de)     Saudi Arabia (en)
Argentina (es)      Faroe (sv)          Luxembourg (fr)     Saudi Arabia (ar)
Armenia (hy)        Finland (fi)        Macau (zh)          Senegal (fr)
Armenia (en)        Finland (sv)        Macau (en)          Serbia (sr)
Australia (en)      France (fr)         Macedonia (en)      Sierra Leone (en)
Austria (de)        Frenc South. (fr)   Macedonia (mk)      Singapore (en)
Azerbaijan (en)     French Guiana (fr)  Madagascar (fr)     Sint Maarten (en)
Azerbaijan (az)     French Polyn. (fr)  Malawi (en)         Slovakia (sk)
Bahamas (en)        Gabon (en)          Malaysia (en)       Slovenia (sl)
Bahrain (en)        Georgia (en)        Maldives (en)       Somalia (en)
Bangladesch (en)    Germany (de)        Mali (fr)           South Africa (en)
Barbados (en)       Ghana (en)          Malta (mt)          South Korea (en)
Belarus (en)        Gibraltar (en)      Marshall Isl. (en)  South Korea (ko)
Belarus (ru)        GrBrit-ZIP4 (en)    Martinique (fr)     South Sudan (en)
Belgium (fr)        GrBrit-ZIP7 (en)    Mauritania (en)     Spain (es)
Belgium (nl)        Greece (en)         Mauritius (en)      Sri Lanka (en)
Belize (en)         Greece (el)         Mayotte (fr)        Sudan (en)
Benin (fr)          Greenland (en)      Mexico (es)         Suriname (es)
Bermuda (en)        Guadeloupe (fr)     Micronesia (en)     Swaziland (en)
Bhutan (en)         Guam (en)           Min.Outl.Isl. (en)  Sweden (sv)
Bolivia (es)        Guatemala (es)      Moldova (ro)        Switzerland (de)
Bosnia/Herc. (bs)   Guernsey (en)       Monaco (fr)         Switzerland (it)
Botswana (en)       Guinea (en)         Mongolia (en)       Switzerland (fr)
Brazil-ZIP5 (pt)    Haiti (fr)          Mongolia (mn)       Syria (en)
Brazil-ZIP8 (pt)    Honduras (es)       Montenegro (sz)     Syria (ar)
Brunei (en)         HongKong (en)       Montserrat (en)     Taiwan (zh)
Bukina Faso (fr)    HongKong (zh)       Morocco (fr)        Taiwan (en)
Bulgaria (bg)       Hungary (hu)        Mozambique (pt)     Tanzania (en)
Bulgaria (en)       Iceland (is)        Myanmar (en)        Thailand (en)
Burundi (fr)        India (en)          Namibia (en)        Thailand (th)
Cambodia (en)       Indonesia (en)      Nepal (en)          Togo (en)
Cameroon (fr)       Iran (en)           Netherl-ZIP4 (nl)   Tunisia (fr)
Canada-ZIP3 (en)    Iran (ar)           Netherl-ZIP6 (nl)   Turkey (tr)
Canada-ZIP6 (en)    Iraq (en)           New Caledonia (fr)  TurksCaicos (en)
Cape Verde (pt)     Ireland (en)        New Zealand (en)    Uganda (en)
Cayman Isl. (en)    Isle of Man (en)    Nicaragua (es)      Ukraine (en)
CentAfr. Rep. (fr)  Israel (he)         Nieu (NewZl.) (en)  Ukraine (uk)
Chad (fr)           Israel (en)         Niger (fr)          UnitArabEmi (en)
Chile (es)          Italy (it)          Nigeria (en)        Uruguay (es)
China (en)          Ivory Coast (fr)    North Korea (en)    US Virgin Isl (en)
China (zh)          Jamaica (en)        North Mariana (en)  USA (en)
Colombia (es)       Japan (en)          Norway (no)         Uzbekistan (ru)
Congo DemRep (en)   Japan (ja)          Oman (en)           Uzbekistan (en)
Cook Islands (en)   Japan (kt)          Pakistan (en)       Vatican (it)
Costa Rica (es)     Jersey (en)         Palau Republ. (en)  Venezuela (es)
Croatia (hr)        Jordan (ar)         Panama (es)         Vietnam (vi)
Cuba (es)           Jordan (en)         Papua N.Guin. (en)  WallisFutuna (fr)
Curacao (en)        Kazakhstan (en)     Paraguay (es)       Yemen (en)
Cyprus (en)         Kazakhstan (ru)     Peru (es)           Yemen (ar)
Cyprus (el)         Kenya (en)          Philippines (en)    Zambia (en)
Czech Rep. (cs)     Kiribati (en)       Poland (pl)         Zimbabwe (en)
Denmark (da)        Kuwait (ar)         Portug-ZIP4 (pt)
Dominic. Rep. (es)  Kuwait (en)         Portug-ZIP7 (pt)
Dominica (en)       Kyrgyzstan (ru)     Puerto Rico (en)

For each country the language variety in ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2 format is written in parenthesis. Point data of other countries we offer on request.

KilletSoft News In order that you always are well informed about our company, we write actual news, current information and special offers here into this column.

KilletSoft Logo Innovation Award 2016
Award 2016 KilletSoft's geodetic software has won for the second year in succession the Innovation Award from the Initiative Small and Medium Enterprises.
Certificate TRANSDAT...
Certificate ORTWIN...
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KilletSoft Logo GeoDLL / TRANSDAT
Proposal for using Polygonal Validity Scopes in NTv2 grid files.
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KilletSoft Logo WINDOWS© 10 compatible
Win10 kompatibel Our software has got the certificate "WINDOWS© 10 compatible". So it complies with the compatibility standards of the Microsoft operating systems WINDOWS© 10.

KilletSoft Logo NTv2 Hamburg
Highly accurate NTv2 file of the Federal State of Hamburg free of charge for TRANSDAT and GeoDLL users.
Download the NTv2 file ...
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KilletSoft Logo GeoDLL
GeoDLL provides Time Zone Calculations with aspect to Maritime Territorial Limits.
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KilletSoft Logo Trust our Website! Webutation

KilletSoft Logo TRANSDAT / GeoDLL
The program and the DLL now support all HARN / HPGN Reference Systems of the United States.
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KilletSoft Logo Translators wanted!
The latest versions of the programs TRANSDAT and SEVENPAR support language files for the programs interface. Since the language dependent texts are managed in external files, new languages can be added at any time by creating new language files. Every user of the program now can compile language files by himself.