Killet Software Ing.-GbR - short: KilletSoft - is a software company, which was established in the year 1991. The society is divided into the ranges "Geodetic Standard Software", "Development Tools for Geo Informatics" and "International Geodata". The industrial sectors of emphasis of the companies supplied by KilletSoft are consulting engineers, GIS developers, Internet marketing, public utilities, logistics, telecommunications, security and public services.
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Mercator Picture 1 "Gradus latitudinum versus utrumque polum paulatim auximus pro incremento parallelorum supra rationem quam habent ad aequinoctialem."
"We have gradually increased the projection of the latitudes toward both poles in proportion to the increase of the latitudinal parallels in their relation to the equator."
Mercator Picture 2 Proudly Gheert de Cremer alias Gerardus Mercator wrote this sentence to the legend of his famous world map of 1569. Thus the man had solved the largest cartographic problem of his time. He had succeeded to map the globe with preserved angles on a flat sheet of paper with all what they knew about the countries and the water at that time. Thus he had laid the cornerstone for the modern geodesy and cartography.
In the context of the globalization trade, industry and service provider increasing discover the advantages and the potential by the employment of spatial information and geodata into their business procedures. In order to be able to use this potential, suitable software must be used, which can process specialized information containing geodata.
Whether a periphery search or a branch search on an Internet side is to be realized or marketing data have to be visualized on maps and surfaces, whether customer's addresses have to be augmented with geo references and spatial data, or if coordinates have to be converted land spreading into other Coordinate Systems - we would be pleased to help you to do it!
Find out,  why you can build a reliable business relationship with us.

Geodetic Programs

GeoPrograms KilletSoft provides special software for coordinate bases computations and for the processing of spatial referred information.
With our software you can transform coordinates of different Coordinate Systems and Reference Systems for all countries in the world. Coordinate files with different formats can be transferred with high precision and high speed into other systems. You can receive GPS coordinates with our software on your notebook and convert them simultaneous into any other Coordinate System. Other software is suitable for producing own Reference Systems with seven transformation parameters of the Spatial Helmert Transformation. Therefor a few identical points in different systems are already sufficient. Further programs are suitable for the search of local structured data and for determining parameters of the official topographic cartographies.

Geodetic Spatial Data

Geodata KilletSoft is a competent supplier for digital geodata and advisory partner for the integration and use of world-wide spatial referred information.
Our offer of geodata covers a broad spectrum of spatial applications, is updated constantly, is present in any data format and is immediately available. We offer geo referenced places, local parts, postal zip codes, telephone preselections as well as nature areas, landscapes and climatic zones in each case with hierarchical administrative units and additional information. Our databases with geo referenced objects are linked with geographical coordinates (WGS84), UTM and partially with Gauss-Krueger coordinates and ground level elevations of high accuracy. We are able to supply the data from all European and overseas countries and particularly of the Federal Republic of Germany for the use with your own applications.

Geodetic Development Tools

Geo Development Tools KilletSoft supports the integration and use of spatial referred information into own applications by the supply of suitable development components.
The Dynamic Link Library GeoDLL contains precise calculations on the themes 2D and 3D Coordinate Transformation, geodetic datum shift and Reference System Transition, meridian strip changing, user defined Coordinate and Reference Systems, distance calculations, Digital Elevation Model, NTv2 handling and BeTA2007 support, Direct / Inverse solutions, map functions, time zones and geodetic converting functions. The current and historical Coordinate and Reference Systems of all countries of the European union (EU) are supported as well as the most countries world-wide.
The Dynamic Link Library Graphics4VO for the programming language Visual Objects contains classes and methods for graphical presentations on the screen, on the printer, on the plotter, in the file and in the memory bitmap. Special methods make possible the handling and visualization of geometry contained in ArcView Shapefiles.

KilletSoft News In order that you always are well informed about our company, we write actual news, current information and special offers here into this column.

KilletSoft Logo NTv2 Hamburg
Highly accurate NTv2 files of the Federal State of Hamburg free of charge for TRANSDAT and GeoDLL users.
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KilletSoft Logo GeoDLL
GeoDLL with Time Zone Calculations with aspect to Maritime Territorial Limits.
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KilletSoft Logo Geodata International
The database "Geodata International" has been updated and was supplemented with many countries. The database includes 234 tables with geo referenced towns and postal codes.
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KilletSoft Logo Trust our Website! Webutation

KilletSoft Logo TRANSDAT
KilletSoft releases TRANSDAT 17.75 with EPSG "Coordinate Reference System" Support.
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KilletSoft Logo TRANSDAT / GeoDLL
The program and the DLL now support all HARN / HPGN Reference Systems of the United States.
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KilletSoft Logo Win8 compatible WINDOWS© 8 compatible
Our software has received the certificate "WINDOWS© 8 compatible". So it complies with the compatibility standards of the Microsoft operating systems WINDOWS© 8.

KilletSoft Logo GeoDLL calculates Helmert Parameter Sets
GeoDLL now has an additional function group to calculate Seven Helmert Parameter and Three Molodenski Parameter from identical points.
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KilletSoft Logo 3D transformations
TRANSDAT has been extended for 3D coordinate transformations with ellipsoidal heights and for cartesian coordinates. The file types Text, CSV, dBase, ArcShape, ArcGenerate and KML (Google Earth) are supported in 3D mode now.

KilletSoft Logo The 500th Birthday of the brilliant cartographer Gerardus Mercator
How popular is the scientist still today?
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KilletSoft Logo Translators wanted!
The latest versions of the programs TRANSDAT and SEVENPAR support language files for the programs interface. Since the language dependent texts are managed in external files, new languages can be added at any time by creating new language files. Every user of the program now can compile language files by himself.