Group Parameter Determination



The group "Parameter Determination" contains functions to return values of in GeoDLL predefined and user-defined coordination systems, geodetic Reference Systems and ellipsoids.


Characteristics of the function group

Determination of the GeoDLL codes equivalent to an EPSG code
Parameter, notation and range validity of Coordinate Systems
Parameters of Reference Systems and Reference System Transitions
Semi-axes and flattening of earth ellipsoids
Designation and parameter of Measurement Units
Formatted text representation of a Coordinate Reference System
Determination of many other parameters used by GeoDLL


"Parameter determination" function group

Function getepsg2geodll() - Determine GeoDLL codes equivalent to EPSG code

Function getepsgcrsname() - Determine designation of an EPSG CRS

Function getcoordname() - Coordinate System name

Function getcoordsys() - Formatted Coordinate System parameters

Function getcoordform() - 2D Coordinate System coordinates notation

Function getcoordform3d() - 3D Coordinate System coordinates notation

Function getcoordaxis() - 2D Coordinate System axes names

Function getcoordaxis3d() - 3D Coordinate System axes names

Function getcoordarea() - Range validity of a Coordinate System

Function getcoordfixref() - Determining Coordinate System has fixed Reference System

Function getcoordstdrefsys() - Default Reference System of a Coordinate System

Function getcoordstdunitpar() - Default Measurement Unit of a Coordinate System

Function getcoordproj() - Projection method number of a Coordinate System

Function getcoordstrstatus() - Determining Coordinate System is a strip system

Function getrefname() - Reference System name

Function getrefsys() - Formatted Reference System parameters

Function getellname() - Ellipsoid name

Function getellsys() - Formatted ellipsoid parameters

Function getellsource() - Source ellipsoid demi-axes

Function getelltarget() - Target ellipsoid demi-axes

Function getunitname() - Measurement unit name

Function getunitpar() - Calculation constants of a measurement unit