Group Notation Calculations



The group "Notation Calculations" contains functions for conversions of geographic coordinates from one notation to another and for correct decimal rounding of geographic coordinates of different notations.


Characteristics of the function group

Conversions of Geographic Coordinates
oDecimal notation (degree)
oGradual notation (DMS)
oNautical notation (DM)
oSecond notation
oGonal notation
Exact rounding of Geographic Coordinates


"Notation calculations" function group

Function umfd2g() - Translates decimal notation to degrees notation

Function umfd2gn() - Translates decimal notation to gonal notation

Function umfd2n() - Translates decimal notation to nautical notation

Function umfd2s() - Translates decimal notation to seconds notation

Function umfg2d() - Translates degrees notation to decimal notation

Function umfgn2d() - Translates gonal notation to decimal notation

Function umfn2d() - Translates nautical notation to decimal notation

Function umfs2d() - Translates seconds notation to decimal notation

Function umfroundg() - Accurate rounding of degrees coordinates

Function umfroundn() - Accurate rounding of nautical coordinates