Group Map Calculations



The group "Map Calculations" contains functions for converting geographic coordinates to TK numbers of the topographic maps of Germany and to determine the corner coordinates of the topographic maps.


Characteristics of the function group

Parameters of the Topographic Maps 1:25000 to 1:200000
oDetermination of TK25 numbers from ordinates
oDetermination of map corner coordinates of a TK
oDetermine TK50, TK100 und TKU200 numbers from a TK25 number


"Map calculations" function group

Function kartgeo2tk() - Determine TK25 number from geographic coordinates

Function karttk2geo() - Determine corner map coordinates from TK25 number

Function karttknum() - Determine TK50, TK100 und TKÜ200 from a TK25 number