Prototype and description of the function setstaticuse()

(This function needs no unlocking)


Switching of the use of fast static variables in GeoDLL functions.

Prototype of the DLL function in C++ syntax (attend lower case!):
extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) unsigned long __stdcall setstaticuse(
     unsigned long lSwitch);

Prototype of the DLL function in Visual Objects syntax:
_DLL function setstaticuse(;
     lSwitch as logic);                    // 4 Byte
as logic pascal:geodll32.setstaticuse      // 4 Byte

The function switches the use of static variable (STATICs) in the
geodetic functions on or off. STATICs can be used to avoid from unnecessary
multiple calculations by sequential calls of the same function. Thus the
performance is substantially increased.

If in lSwitch the value TRUE is passed, the STATICs are used. Thus the
performance is substantially increased when the same function is often

If in lSwitch the value FALSE is passed, no intermediate results from
STATIC variables are used and instead all calculations with each function
call run again.

After starting the program run and loading of the DLL the use of STATICs
is switched on as default.

There are further switches, which prepare GeoDLL for the operating in
different environments. These are the functions

The parameters are passed and/or returned as follows:
lSwitch       Switch for the use of STATIC variables
TRUE          Use of STATIC variables on
FALSE         Use of STATIC variables off

returnVal     In case of an error the function returns FALSE, otherwise TRUE.

This function needs no unlocking.