Group NTv2 Grid Data



The group "NTv2 Grid Data" contains functions to perform Reference System Transition with grid files of the NTv2 standard.


Characteristics of the function group

Predefined NTv2 Reference Systems
Embedding of any NTv2 grid files
Support of Polygonal Validity Scopes in NTv2 files
ASCII grid files (.gsa) and binary grid files (.gsb)
Conversion of ASCII grid files to binary grid files
Conversion of binary grid files to ASCII grid files
Copy of NTv2 grid file areas to  new binary files
Supplement of a NTv2 binary file with Polygonal Validity Scopes
Determining the parameters of a NTv2 grid file
Determining of NTv2 file names matching a reference system
Automatically allocation of NTv2 files from a common directory
Download of many NTv2 files from the KilletSoft website
Links to NTv2 providers on the KilletSoft website
HARN grid files of the U.S. supported as equivalent NTv2 grid files
Free use of some NTv2 files, which otherwise are available for a fee
Access to NTv2 files, which are specially licensed for KilletSoft


"NTv2 Grid Data" function group

(additional requires the unlocked function group "Coordinate Transformations")

Information about the supported NTv2 grid files

Calculation accuracy with NTv2

Polygonal Validity Scopes

Function convntvascii2bin() - Convert a NTv2 ASCII file to a binary file

Function convntvbin2ascii() - Convert a NTv2 binary file to an ASCII file

Function convntvbin2area() - Copies an area of a NTv2 grid file to a new binary file

Function convntvbin2polyvalid() - Supplement of NTv2 binary files with Polygonal Validity Scopes

Function getntvbinaryfile() - Determination of NTv2 file names matching a reference system

Function getntvdirmatch() - Determination of a matching NTv2 file in a common directory

Function getntvgridcount() - Determination of the count of subgrids contained in a NTv2 file

Function getntvgridheader() - Determination of the header parameter of a NTv2 subgrid

Function getntvheader() - Determination of the header parameter of a NTv2 file

Function getntvrefbelong() - Determination of the second NTv2 Reference System

Function getntvrefequiv() - Determination of an NTv2 equivalent Reference System

Function getntvrefstatus() - Determination of the NTv2 membership of a Reference System

Function setntvbinaryfile() - Initializes a NTv2 grid data binary file for Reference System Transitions

Function setntvbinautodir() - Sets a directory for the automatically use of NTv2 binary files

Function setntvbinautofile() - Sets a NTv2 grid binary file for automatically call in a wait position

Function setntvpolyvalid() - Sets Polygonal Validity Check in NTv2 files