Prototype and description of the function setinternerrsys()

(This function needs no unlocking)


Switching of the internal error processing routine for GeoDLL.

Prototype of the DLL function in C++ syntax (attend lower case!):
extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) unsigned long __stdcall setinternerrsys(
     unsigned long lSwitch);

Prototype of the DLL function in Visual Objects syntax:
_DLL function setinternerrsys(;
     lSwitch as logic);                         // 4 Byte
as logic pascal:geodll32.setinternerrsys        // 4 Byte

This function is contained only in the Visual Objects variant of the GeoDLL.
In the C++ variant the call is contained still for compatibility reasons,
but it remains without effects.

The function switches the internal error processing routine for the DLL
GeoDLL on or off. If in lSwitch the value TRUE is passed, run time errors
are handled internally, otherwise they will be ignored and must be handled
by routines of the calling program.

After the program start and the loading of GeoDLL the internal error
handling is switched on as a standard when using the programming language
Visual Objects. When using any other programming languages is it switched

The internal error processing routine indicates the run time error in a pop
up window. If necessary, possibilities for the continuation of the program
are offered to the user. In addition in the program directory a file named
VOERROR.LOG is generated, in which a description of the run time error is

There are further switches, which prepare GeoDLL for the operating in
different environments. These are the functions

The parameters are passed and/or returned as follows:
lSwitch       Switch for the internal error handling.
TRUE          Internal error handling on.
              (default when using Visual Objects)
FALSE         Internal error handling off.
              (default when using any other programming language)

returnVal     In case of an error the function returns FALSE, otherwise TRUE.

This function needs no unlocking.